Language Learning System 2066
Detailed Product Description

Language Learning System:

1) Adopting multimedia computer, it can support every education software,
and play multimedia teaching materials, such as CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, video
disk and TV
2) Controlling the four-way input, it can choose one as the output
3) It can control and send one VGA signal to projecting apparatus and other
output equipment
4) The student recorder uses electricity-controlled movement, liquid crystal
display, as well as the examination-chosen function
5) What`s more, teachers can remotely operate the student recorders and
cassette lock
6) It can simultaneously send the audio frequency and pictures
7) It has the function of teaching and free learning
8) Perfect standardization test function
9) Free test, random test, oral test, A/B-chosen test
10) The screen can display the standard answers which are sent by teachers
through the main control platform
11) Analysis function
12) Random monitoring and canning monitoring function
13) Individual dialogue and demonstration function
14) Meeting function
15) Seat edition function
16) Digital record function and teaching material re-record function
17) Function of calling the roll, function of respond to calling, function of
teacher interposal